GitHub Repos

  • Simulants in a grid


    Synthetic dataset designed for training MaskTrack in human segmentation tasks. General enough to produce datasets for segmentation, depth, normal, UV, and detection tasks.

  • Stereo Pair

    VintageVR Tools

    Tools developed to extract the image pairs from vintage stereographs.

  • Colorful Fence

    Fence Component

    An A-Frame Component to keep entities penned in. I needed a way to keep from walking through walls in my VR scene, so I made this.

Research Topics

After a decade of helping people learn about computers, I’m now helping computers learn about people. Specifically I have been building a synthetic dataset to train neural networks on human detection, tracking, and segmentation tasks.

Here's a Medium article I wrote on the subject.

By combining a tool for generating human models and some clothing and hair models I made, I have been able to produce a dataset which was used to train a neural network and achieve equivalent results to the same network trained on natural data.

My work even made it into a Wired article. And I have a Tumblr page of synthetic humanoids for the world to enjoy.

Simulant example

Vintage Virtual Reality

Stereoscopic images have been with us since the birth of photography. Now with the advent of Consumer VR devices, we can once again experience the solid vision crafted at the turn of the century.

Tens to Hundreds of thousands of vintage stereoview cards have been digitized by libraries and institutions world-wide. The collection at the New York Public Library sparked this particular project, when they released the entirety to the Public Domain.

Curious to experience these slices of history, but lacking a suitable Holmes-Bates Stereoscope, I started exploring alternative methods of viewing the collection with a modern alternate: a VR headset.

Fast forward several months, and I put together proof-of-concept MATLAB code to process stock digitized stereoviews into something consumable with Cardboard VR, etc.

Spectacular Sterescopic Scenes

Video Projects

Updated 2016 Demo Reel, including VVR demo and a quick render of Kern Effigy based on LiDAR and astronomical data. Solstice Valley

Demo Reel from 2005. My 'early' retro-future work. Atompowered Demo Reel